Pick The Joker Card Drawing....The Blue Print To Adding An Extra $3,000-$5,000 In Additional Monthly Sales To Your Business.

        The One Promotion That Will Work.... In Any Bar, Draw A Huge Crowd, Double Your Sales, Get New Customers In Your Doors, & Keep Them Coming Back Week After Week!

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  • Fast Implementation Cheat Sheet
    After you watch this video, use this guide to get you the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. Set yourself a goal today to start this within the next 14 days. It's not hard, just pick one of your two slowest nights or pick a night that is average that might bring more people in, where you think you'll get more drinkers. The idea is NOT to do this on a PACKED night, but a night that can use increased business.
  • Ways To Win Flyer
    This is what you should have printed to put out on the bar with all the different ways people can get extra tickets. You don't have to use the exact numbers. This is just for your reference but this is exactly what I use and that I have my clients do.
    If you don't have texting, IT'S extremely important for this promotion because when you have 500 people or so in your text database, you can send them a reminder text about how much the pot is up to!
    Texting is also great for days that you know are going to be slow, where you can send out a great offer to get people in the door, then have a up sell plan in place to increase the check average.