How To Get 25 Brand New Customers In Your Doors In 60 Days Or Less

In this video I reveal my secret lead magnet and “Cheers” letter that is guaranteed to get brand new customers into your doors with less effort and frustration. I also reveal a very simple, NO COST marketing plan that you can implement to get these 25 brand new customers in your doors in less then 60 days.

Below the video are the templates of the lead magnet and the letter that you can download. Set yourself a goal and get these templates created within 24 hours. Then set yourself another goal to start promoting this and getting your staff on board within another 24 hours.

IMPORTANT - You invested into this for a reason. To make more money and get more new customers in your doors. You've got maybe an hour or two to put this entire New Customer Attraction game plan into place. Lets not see procrastination get in the way. You should be motivated and excited!



Lead Magnet With Beer


Lead Magnet With Food


Lead Magent With NO FOOD OR DRINK


PSD Files For Lead Magnets


"Cheers" Lead Magnet Letter


Cheers Letter

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