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Now It's Time For A Little FUN Homework Before Our Call


There's a few ways people fill out applications to work with me so please keep that in mind with the message below: 

1. Below you'll see the first video I need you to watch - 5 Automated Systems video training that was part of the Automated Cash Flow Masterclass Series. You MUST watch this before our call as this is a system I will need to customize for your business in order to instantly add more loyal repeat customers to your business. This is what I like to call the "Holy Grail" to to gaining instant trust and credibility of NEW customers who've NEVER walked in your doors before. (even gain more trust / respect / loyalty from existing customers)

If you don't believe these automated marketing systems will work for you or help you, then I can't help you as I can't guarantee results without having proven systems in place.

2. In order to really understand how these systems work - you should also understand my LRVO (Loyal Regular Value Optimization) formula. This is the marketing formula I will use to help you attract and retain new paying customers. Please read this after you watch the 5 Automated Systems Video. Even if you've read this once or twice in the past, it's still good to refresh yourself with it again. It's that important and it's by far the fastest formula for doubling your loyal repeat customers. 

3. I've also included my 7 Secrets To Success Video - This will be a lot of value as well as this will determine if having a personal coaching relationship with me is right for you or not. There's a lot of reasons bar and restaurant owners fail and if you know my back story - I was a failure until FEAR kicked in me. Fear of failing my family. Fear of how I would look to friends. This video is a real eye opener and very educational on what it takes to be successful in any business or just in life in general. 

Video Tracking Is Set

I've set up my "ninja" video tracking software that will tell me whether or not you've watched the videos. You may have already seen the 5 Automated Systems video. If so, you don't need to watch again, I will see that you've already watched it.

I'm not doing this to waste your time, trust me. My goal is to create success stories and in order to do that I need to work with the right people who really know what I offer, what I do, what I value. I'm not some big huge marketing company to take peoples money and run marketing campaigns for them like most of what's been thrown at you. Your success relies on my success.

I hope you receive a ton of value out of these trainings and looking forward to talking to you soon. 

Nick Fosberg


Step 1 - ​How The Indoctrination Works

Step 2 - Understanding The LRVO Formula

The Fastest & Easiest Way To Double Your Loyal Customers At A Profit


Step  3 - Watch The 7 Secrets To Success Video

This Video Will Determine If My Personal Coaching Is Right For You Or Not.

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