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Do you feel stuck when it comes to growing your sales? Creating new promotions? Attracting new customers?

Have you spent money on advertising in the last 6 months and felt like it was a total waste? Do you get that bad gut feeling every time you write a check for advertising where you question yourself if it's going to work or not?

Don't feel bad, you're not alone!

But what if I told you that if you invested $500 on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, newspaper, print, or any other type of media, and that you could get a return on that $500 for months on end, even years!

Well that's possible and I do it day after day for myself and for my clients.

How? Well you'll get the full details in the video but it's through lead generation marketing - where when we spend money on ads, we are focusing on capturing the personal contact information from our prospects so we can then deliver the offer or special to them.

Why do we want this information?

Here's Why....

Anyone who is to hand over their personal contact information for a specific offer to our business is telling us they WANT to do business with us and they TRUST us, or they wouldn't give us that info would they?

So who else would you rather market to in the future then these people? Nobody! These are the most profitable people on the planet to market to and when you have 500-1000 people who've done this, you can literally print money on demand - as I show you proof and case studies in the video.

I'm not teaching you anything new about building a customer list, right? It's the good old fish bowl strategy. But most owners don't even make $500-$1,000 from sending out just one email and it's because they don't know how to write compelling / exciting e-mail offers that gets customers in the door FAST!

But also because they are missing the ONE KEY strategy that will literally transform their business, give them the biggest unfair advantage over the competition, and double their loyal customers!

What Is That?

Having a indoctrination system in place AFTER people hand over their personal contact information.

What I mean by indoctrinate is where you put them through a series of marketing messages that reveals the most important things you want them to know about you, your business, your brand, what you stand for, etc. It’s about creating a connection and focusing on THEM vs focusing on your specials and promotions.

The truth is, we can’t rely on staff to represent us in the most powerful way. We can rely on them to show how much we really care about our customers. So the indoctrination process guarantees that every person who goes through this system will know exactly what you want them to know about you, your business, and how important THEY are to YOU!

This is by far the most important and profitable marketing strategy you could ever apply to your business and the best part is, you can automate the process.

I'll Prove It!

As you'll see in the video, one restaurant owner got between 800-900 customers within 60 days another who got over 1,000 customers in his doors within 2 weeks! All from the same type of offer. In fact, it will show how one of the owners did nearly $36,000 in sales from just $400 in Facebook ads over 30 days!

But they would not have had these kind of redemptions if they didn't indoctrinate their prospects and win them over BEFORE they stepped foot in their doors and when you apply this you'll not only see the best ROI's on your marketing dollars, but you'll start winning over more and more loyal repeat customers, which are the lifeline to our business!

You Have The Chance To Have My Team And I Build Out A Automated Indoctrination System Into Your Business For Free Till .

Why Would I Do
This For Free?

Great question!

First I’ll say…. yes, there is a catch, but it’s a catch with zero financial risk to you!

It’s a blatant bribe for you to test drive my BARS inner circle membership for just one month, and here’s the deal, if you’re not happy what so ever with everything yo​​​​u’re going to get in the first 30 days, if you’re not happy with the results this system produces for you,
I’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Basically what I’m telling you is what no advertising sales rep will ever tell you - I’ll bring you guaranteed positive ROI on your investment and if I fail to do so, then you don’t pay, meaning you have zero risk.

It’s $197 to get started and I’m going to waive 100% of the setup fee’s, plus give you the step by step blueprints that produced these results.


Just last week, we sent out a e-mail using Nick's e-mail strategies and it brought in roughly $1,400 in sales. I love the fact that I can go to Nick or to our other members for advice, opinions, suggestions when needed. AMAZING group. AMAZING value. This is a group every bar & restaurant owner should take advantage of!!

John Kelly Joe & Stans Bar & Grill

I wrote a e-mail in about 10 minutes time to push more gift card sales. That one e-mail generated $5,620 in sales. I couldn’t have done this without Nick’s coaching, support, and e-mail marketing trainings.

Matt Woelfel Ground Round Restaurant

I could keep listing more and more,
but here’s what's really important for you to understand.

You know how I told you about one of the key ingredients to triple your marketing ROI in the Double Your Loyal Customers presentation is creating urgency in your offers to get your customers to take action fast? It works, clearly! Because this is one of the BIG reasons to the results and case studies I just told you about.

Well here’s my urgency and scarcity for this offer, and this
isn’t made up / fake urgency and scarcity. I’m only taking on 10 new members till because I have myself and one other person on my team who sets up these systems, and yes, it’s time consuming.

In order to get you up and going in 5-7 days, I need to limit the number of members we take on at one time. I can’t provide the service and value I need to if I’m going to feel comfortable guaranteeing your success.

With that said, If making more money and having a unfair advantage over your competition is important to you, and if you believe I can help you get much better results faster and quicker then what you’ve been getting, and you’re ready to book 15 minutes with me on the phone to get more information, then here’s what I want you to do.

Click the button below and you'll be sent to my calendar to book a call. After you do that, I’ll send you all the information you need to know on how this will work and what’s all included in the BARS Inner Circle Program.

What will happen from here is we will chat on the phone for 15 minutes to cover any questions you may have and I will ask a few questions of you.

Before I waive the setup fee’s and put my time and money on the line to help you get the results you really want,  I want to make sure I’m working with the right people.

As I said in the video, what I'm offering you isn’t a magic pill solution where you do nothing and make a fortune.   There’s work to be done. There’s e-mails and  text messages to be sent to your list, in order to get them in to door.

I can’t write and send your e-mails for you, besides the ones in the automated indoctrination system - but I can give you proven email templates that generate instant cash flow, I can personally help you write your e-mails and turn you or your manager into a John Lennon & Paul McCartney of the bar and restaurant business (not sure what I mean by that, watch 31:10 into the video above)

But again,  I can’t make you take action to get results.

What I'm Going To Do
With YOUR Results.....

With that said, I’m not here to waste your time or my time. I’m taking on 10 new members for a limited time to do this with and my goal is to create success stories out of you and share them in presentations like you just watched, which means I need action takers.

So that’s why I want to set up a quick 15 min call ahead of time,  to make sure you’re an action taker and to make sure you’re 100 clear and comfortable with giving your customers the ultimate marketing experience.

So click the button below if you’re ready for a totally new opportunity to take your sales and loyal repeat customers to the next level and we’ll be talking soon!