100/80/20 Masterclass Week 3

Overview Video

How To Create Video
Ads For Your Advertising

I suggest you only use these types of videos for Facebook and Instagram. Not for Youtube. For Youtube I would recommend doing a video of you or a manager talking, or hire someone to do a video for you where you call out your prospect on Youtube based on where they live.

Example: If you live in the Rockford, IL area and if you enjoy going out to eat vs eating frozen meals or cooking for yourself, then this is going to interest you....My name is Nick Fosberg and I own Casey's Pub which is just a few miles from where you're at right now. I want to give you (offer) because I have a goal this month to get 50 new customers in our doors and I thought this would be the perfect offer to make that happen! I believe that when you come in, try our food, see the atmosphere, meet some of the staff, you'll want to come back more often. If you want more info, just click the link within this video and receive (offer) within a few minutes!

How To Set Up Facebook & Instagram Conversion Ads

How To Set Up Many Chat - Comment To 
Messenger Facebook Post 

How To Set Up A Every Door Direct Mail Campaign For Lead Generation 

Bonus Call / Video With Andrew Carlson - 4 Simple Steps to Hook New Customers Instantly With Your Current Staff - Even If You Think It's Impossible 
His Handout Is In The Downloads


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Week 3 Completed!