100/80/20 Masterclass Week 2

Overview Video

How To Set Up Facebook
Business Manager Account

Change Name Of Your Ad Account 

Set Up Facebook Billing 

Set Up Custom Audiences For Future Marketing Campaigns

Upload Email List To Facebook
As Custom Audience

How To Find Facebook Pixel
& Add To Your Website

Here is the link to download the plugin for placing pixel - What the pixel will do is build custom audiences for you every time someone hits your website and lead captures pages. Make sure this is placed on your main website and your lead capture pages. The pixel also allows you to create custom conversions and that's where you can see exactly how much it's costing you per lead. In the next video below, you'll see how to set up a custom conversion for your leads.

How To Create Custom Conversion
For Your Core Offer

What you want to do is use the "thank you" page as the conversion page. This is the page people will hit when they opt in for your lead capture page.

How To Track Conversions + Set Up Reporting 

Overview Video For Google Marketing
Strategies & Set Up

Get Header + Footer Plug In Added To WordPress Website

We chose WordPress as example in this video as it's the most common website builder out there. If you're using something else, you should still be able to find this plug in. What this plug in does is it makes it really simple for you to add the Google Pixel to your website. The Google Pixel is for tracking your lead generation marketing through Youtube + Adwords. It's also used to create custom audiences in Adwords, just like Facebook. However Google will put your banner ads on millions of websites for pennies on the dollar that ONLY your customers will see. This isn't about putting your banners on random sites across the world. It's 100% about placing them ONLY where your customers will see them. Refer back to the 100/80/20 report from module 1on examples if needed. 

Set Up Google Analytics Account

Set Up Youtube Account 

Set Up Google Adwords Account

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Week 2 Completed!